Accelerating Engineering Intelligence

Interested in harnessing valuable information about your system? Put a processor in it.


Our team of firmware engineers boast 30+ years of development experience with embedded software suites and modern hardware architectures.


Our IPC certified PCB design engineers are meticulous when it comes to attention to detail. Knowing the appropriate component ratings and orientations along with trace requirements are skills earned through tribal knowledge and experience.


Also known as the black magic of engineering disciplines, RF is another field that requires years of experience to master. Our partnership with Bliley Technologies has strengthened our ability to tackle the most difficult problems in the world of analog signals.


Our approach to manufacturing engineering relies on deep-rooted partnerships. We work closely with our manufacturing partners so that they are involved in every design from the start. This radically shortens the Design-for-Manufacturing process to negligible costs due to limited re-work.


Project management can be a hassle when you have to tell everyone what to do – that’s why we don’t. We invigorate our teams with the resources they need to make the best decisions from their vantage point. In most situations, the best possible decision comes from the mechanic under the hood  and not the engineer who designed it from inside a cubicle.

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