RF Engineering


In-house development of RF telemetry devices enabled to communicate with a variety of commercial and military grade tactical radios.


  • Development of RF telecommunication devices that communicate with a variety of commercial and military grade radios

  • Communication across Zigbee, Bluetooth, ISM, Ku and Ka bands

  • Licensed Professional Engineers specializing in RF and military communication

  • Individuals with 30+ years experience in RF/Wireless communication technologies

  • Development with G-Compensated and vibration dampened oscillators, ultra low phase noise references, phase locked loops (PLLs), and frequency multipliers


"Before meeting PiMios, I didn’t recognize the Internet of Things as a valuable concept. After working with them for two years, I’ve been on the forefront of a whole new market of opportunity opening up in the sporting goods industry."

– Jeff Blood, AngLR VP of Sales

"PiMios is able to leverage their breadth of skills and knowledge to deliver on wide range of technical areas from simple schematic capture to mission critical embedded hardware."

– Thomas Reed, VP of Technology, Bliley Technologies

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